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Glodina Marathon Snag Proof Towel

Glodina Marathon™ Snag Proof™ towels are developed exclusively for the hospitality and health care industry.

What makes the Glodina Marathon™ Snag Proof™ towel unique?

Glodina Black Label Marathon LabelGlodina Marathon™ Snag proof™ towels have proved they can last the distance. These pure cotton knitted towels are made to outlast conventional woven towels and have been specially designed to help reduce towel-laundering costs; in particular, they will reduce energy consumption and thus reduce energy bills saving you money in the long run. To make them the ideal towel for commercial and industrial use, they’re manufactured to withstand more than 200 commercial/industrial washes. Thanks to a technological innovation, a very special construction has been developed to give the towel unique snag resistant and quick drying characteristics.

How is it made?

The towels are knitted as opposed to the traditional method of weaving them. By this method every individual loop is knotted into the base construction of the towel, thereby preventing the loops from coming loose or being pulled (Hence the term “Snag Proof”). This is a long and expensive process, but second to none when comparing advantages with woven towels. The next step is to use polyester in the base of the towel; polyester has quick drying properties, which make it perfect for towels and the inherent energy saving characteristics in the laundering process.

How is this process different to woven towels?

Individual loops cannot be knotted into the base of woven towels because of the technology and the machine capability. So, because the loops cannot be knotted it now rules out the use of a polyester base as there would be nothing holding in the loops to prevent them pulling loose, and the towel would fall to pieces very quickly. Any supplier which advocates that they have polyester in their woven towels are in fact referring to a blend whereby they mix polyester with the cotton fibres, this is used to strengthen the yarn for the weaving process which helps reduce breakages on the machines and speeds up production and improves productivity. Note: Woven towels with a polyblend DO NOT DISPLAY QUICK DRYING OR SNAG PROOF™ CHARACTERISTICS, IT IS MERELY AN ADVANTAGE FOR THE PRODUCTION PROCESS AND HAS NO END USER BENEFITS.

Is Polyester problematic?

Absolutely not! The polyester in the Glodina Marathon™ Snag Proof™ towel does not come into contact with the user as it is hidden in the base of the towel. The only fibres that come in contact with your skin are 100% cotton.

Main features

  • Warp knit construction
  • Completely snag proof - virtually indestructible
  • Double stitched
  • No fray side seams
  • Superior durability
  • Excellent absorbency
  • Shape retention
  • Pure cotton pile
  • Withstands more than 200 industrial washes
  • Quick Drying
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Value for money

Range items

Marathon™ Snag Proof™ Towels 485gsm

These are the durable everyday towels that come in a range of colourfast colours that will co-ordinate perfectly with your décor. They are characterized by 5 stripes and 485 gsm of pure combed cotton.

Marathon™ Snag Proof™ Towels 600gsm

These endurance towels go that extra mile to make guests feel pampered. Available in white and beige, they are characterized by 4 stripes and 600gsm(550g/m²) of pure combed cotton. King Bath sheets are also available.

Marathon™ Snag Proof™ Face Cloth 420gsm

Marathon™ Snag Proof face cloth, 420gsm(380g/m²) of pure combed cotton, available in a range of colours to compliment the Marathon™ Snag Proof towel range.

Marathon™ Snag Proof™ Bath Mat 638gsm

Marathon™ Snag Proof bath mat, a durable 638gsm (580g/m²) pure combed cotton bath mat to compliment the Marathon™ Snag proof towel range. Available in white, beige, cream, navy and green. All Glodina Marathon™ Snag Proof™ towels are made from the finest combed cotton under strict quality conditions. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. To ensure it's an original , look out for the GLODINA BLACK LABEL.

Range specifications

 Colours Weight
 Hand Towels  Bath towels  Bath Sheets King Bath Sheets  Face Cloths Bath Mats
 White only  550g/m²  600gsm        100x175cm    
 White and Beige  550g/m²  600gsm  50x90cm  70x135cm  80x160cm      
 All colours  440g/m²  600gsm  50x90cm  70x130cm  80x150cm      
 All colours  380g/m²  420gsm          30x30cm  
 580g/m² 638gsm           50x75cm

g/m² : Calculated by taking a 10cm² cutting of pile area of the towel. This is the traditional method used in South Africa by all manufacturers and retailers and is the preferred SABS method.

gsm: Calculated by dividing the weight of a unit by its exact dimensions. This is the universally used unit of measurement. The difference between g/m² and gsm is roughly 10%.

Range colours

The Marathon™ Snag Proof towels are currently available in the following colours:

White (W233) | Cream (U204) | Beige (U216) | Pebble (U234) | Green (G296) | Blue (B475) | Navy (B929)| Burgundy (M504)

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